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Since 2001, POLITISSA with its oriental cuisine, pure and fresh ingredients, excellent quality and the aroma of the East travels you deliciously to the most magical gastronomic adventures! Seeing the great response and love of the people for oriental cuisine, we decided to move forward and create this new promising project that aspires to become the new mid-east corner food in Greece! Shahia will take you on a journey to the depths of the East, filling its audience with fresh experiences and delicious suggestions!

At Shahia, as its name suggests in Arabic, you can enjoy balanced flavors from Constantinople and the East. All our dishes are very carefully prepared and cooked with a taste of healthy raw materials used in oriental cuisine. The culture of the East, moreover, has a deep historical connection with the Greek and this has been passed on for years in the art of homemade food.

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For those who love political cuisine

Shahia will become the favorite tasty destination! For many centuries, dishes from Constantinople have been created without sauces and enriched with Far Eastern spices in balanced doses, to integrate European gastronomy with the most popular elements of oriental cuisine. Here you will taste unique recipes based on the handmade Arabic pie and with ingredients of your choice that you will find in our menu you can taste a dish tailored to your needs!

Although many believe that Eastern cuisine is heavy with strong spices, on the contrary, it is extremely light and healthy from high-quality fresh ingredients. That is why the traditional recipes of Constantinople and the East are ideal for those who follow a healthy diet, as well as it is a special proposal for vegetarians.